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The American Literary Blog focuses on American literature of the 19th century, ranging from heavy-hitting classic authors to the lesser-known or forgotten figures. Each entry is inspired by an anniversary — be it a birthday, a death, a letter, a publication date, etc. The American Literary Blog is maintained by independent scholar Rob Velella.

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I should admit: I have a particular interest in obscure writers from the period, writers who were once famous but now forgotten, and popular writers who represent a more widespread movement or genre which has not reached "classic" status. Come for Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Dickinson, and other famous writers, but stay for Chivers, Halleck, Sprague, Timrod, and others you have yet to experience fully. I have come to enjoy the diverse range of writers (many of whom I knew nothing about before researching them for a post here) that the blog allows me to experience; I hope you enjoy it too.

My hope is that readers of this blog consider it the beginning of a conversation. To that end, I highly encourage feedback. Right here on the blog, users can leave comments (I usually respond!), or connect directly to the Facebook page and do something as simple as "like" the post. I also encourage readers to become writers and offer the opportunity for guest blogs. Please contact me if you're interested in writing your own post at the American Literary Blog!

(Because people have asked, the image in the banner at the top of blog page is William Cullen Bryant.)